Free Article Submission Sites 2022

The Free Article Submission Sites that will help you advertise your material on article reading websites. With the use of article submission websites, you may increase traffic while also improving your search engine rating.

One of the best off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to increase brand and personality awareness is article submission using the relevant words.

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What is Article Submission?

In order to create high-quality backlinks to your blog or website, you must submit your post for publication on a third-party website. Sites that accept back linking Free Article Submission Sites can improve the value of your domain authority and enhance page traffic.

Employing article submission into your content marketing strategy allows you to promote articles about your company on well-known article submission websites.

Dofollow And Nofollow Links – What To Choose?

Simply said, backlinking is the method search engine bots use to link various websites. By including do-follow links to their blogs or websites on the well-known Free Article Submission Sites in India, content marketers can tremendously benefit from this. What exactly are the do-follow and no-follow links, though?

Any link that enables a user or search engine to view another website through it is said to be in the dofollow state. If the do-follow links to your website are present on other websites with higher domain values, they can raise your website’s rating in the search engine results. Additionally, if users choose to click on the links, there is a direct likelihood that traffic will increase.

Nofollow links prevent search engine bots from following the given link, which has no direct bearing on where your website appears on search engine results pages. They do, however, provide you the option to increase your exposure by using blog submission websites.

Your chances of obtaining natural do-follow links also grow if your content begins to receive favourable exposure. However, for quick results, the majority of bloggers prefer to follow article submission platforms.

Free Article Submission Sites

Key Benefits of Article Submission Sites:

You can post original, high-quality material to other websites using article submission services to expand your audience. Choosing such areas has a number of additional advantages besides exposure, including:

  • improving one’s position in search results.
  • Create leads mostly through cost-free marketing.
  • Become recognised as an authority on the topic.
  • You can acquire some real, enduring backlinks.
  • If website visitors click the backlink, your website traffic may also increase.
  • Self published or original article submissions can assist in raising the domain authority of your website, which will raise the page rank as well.
  • Viral content has a probability of attracting plenty of high-quality backlinks in the social media age.

There are Different Types Of Article Submission Sites?

There are two main categories of such sites:

Paid Article Submission:

These websites pay you a small editorial fee in exchange for publishing your content. You might also think about collaborating with these Indian websites to create sponsored content.

Free Article Submission Sites:

It goes without saying that the free article submission websites let you post Web 2.0 blogs without paying any additional fees. Here, you can promote your link-leveraging strategy to increase the value of your domain and get do-follow or no-follow links.

How to select a suitable site for getting your article published?

It goes without saying that you are an expert content writer and website owner who is familiar with all the essentials of article submission. To summarise, though, here are a few characteristics of the top article submission websites to consider:

  • The website must abide by any copyright regulations in effect where it is located.
  • They have clear terms and conditions.
  • The conditions of payment should be agreed with if they are going to pay for posting your content.
  • Instead of making too many changes to the post, they ought to leave your backlinks in place.
  • Verify how many dofollow and nofollow links you will receive overall.
  • When submitting your article to such sites, there are various additional considerations.
  • Before submitting the product of your labor your article to a random website, perform extensive investigation.

Every writer and content producer should be aware of our list of the finest Free Article Submission Sites. Let’s get going!

Top 10 Best Article Submission Sites

Popular sites are important for promoting your content. They can boost search traffic, increase the reliability of your online presence, and help launch leads and sales.

Among the top websites for free article submission are:

1. sites

It is without a confusion among the best link-building tools that Google provides. Alexa’s top article submission site for adding substance and content to your blogs is this free page creation tool.


This top article submission platform has high rating and attracts quality readers for the stuff it publishes. is respectable paid article publishing website that enables users to publish their articles on more than 2000 different websites. 
On this platform, article submission gets cheaper the more credit you buy. 


The website, which also accepts free content submissions, allows users to share blogs and tales as well as write on a single topic or integrate several articles into one.

5. is a premium site with rapid approval where you may post your articles for a larger readership.


Quora is a steadily expanding information platform that uses a question-and-answer style to present its material. It is a fantastic Free Article Submission Sites publishing platform because you can reach your target audience directly and get plenty of backlinks.


On Tumblr, you may quickly create numerous microblogs and share your content with numerous publishers.


Both publishers and readers enjoy using Articlebiz. It attracts a sizable audience thanks to its huge article database.


This free website, which is well-known for content marketing and promotion, provides visitors with access to a wide variety of content.


Among the various free article submission websites, boasts a high acceptance rate and a broad selection of categories to browse.

You may also take into account other article submission sites in India that give immediate clearance in addition to these tried-and-true well-known sites, such as:

The following websites also allow free article submissions for SEO and provide do-follow links:

It is not enough to be aware of the best article submission platforms with high DA and PA. Additionally, you need to know how to use the top article submission websites correctly. So here is a brief tip!

  1. Visit one of the article submission websites listed above.
  2. Create an account or login using your current login information.
  3. Along with the article body, pay attention to the article’s author profile, title, description, tags, and keywords.
  4. In the author’s description, you should also aim to provide a link to your website and any pertinent keywords.

Persistence is the secret to becoming a successful brand or content marketes. To maximise your results, maintain producing helpful content and submitting it to both Indian and international Free Article Submission Sites publishing websites.

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