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Pubg mobile Apk  2.2.1

Pubg mobile apk one of the most well-liked Battle Royal games available on mobile devices.  Pubg mobile apk was almost the catalyst for the entire  revolution in BR Shooter games.

Over time, interest in and popularity for this third-person shooter have increased. People still crowd the store to buy a few matches each day. Have you yet gotten a piece of the action? If not, get PUBG Mobile for Android right away!


Pubg Mobile Apk


How to Play PUBG Mobile Apk

Have you ever participated in a Battle Royal? Have you ever played Fortnight or Galena Free Fire, for example? PUBG Mobile is one of the originals, albeit not having the entire building concept.

Here, you can select the type of game mode that most suits your preferences. You can play in the traditional BR style, engage in team death match competition with pals, or even face off against zombies!

Classic Mode:

You play the game using the original Battle Royal method in PUBG Mobile for Android. You will suddenly tumble into a map that has 100 other players on it. Your main goal is to survive at all costs.

What does, however, it mean to survive? You won’t have many resources to defend yourself or fend off other players when you first arrive on the map. As a result, you will have to search the area for all of the tools and weapons need to ensure your survival.

Pubg Mobile Apk

Try to be the last person standing by killing anyone who stands in your way. It seems very easy, doesn’t it?

The storm is just one additional element that will add interest to the situation. The main playing field is the storm. There will be a sizable circle on your map that indicates where you should remain. But if you go outside into the storm, you’ll start to suffer damage over time until you pass away.

Keep to the storm’s interior and go outside only if absolutely essential. You’ll ultimately need to be shrewd and aware of your surroundings. Determine the winning strategy.

Team Death match:

The next game mode now ought to be very familiar. The usual battles you might find in a game like CoD or Battlefield are similar to Team Death match. Here, you must score as many kills as you can against the opposing squad.

In this game mode, you can invite up to 3 of your friends to play with you. This would undoubtedly be preferable to having a squad made up entirely of strangers. You’ll be able to completely plan and execute your moves from this point on. Maintain a tactical edge over your opponents so you can surprise them.

Zombies Mode:


You’ll be reminded of zombies from previous Call of Duty games by this game mode. Although it could appear familiar at first glance, the two titles vary considerably in one important way. Other players are in control of the zombies in this game!

A player’s true IQ increases the difficulty of the competition significantly. Zombies are poor at finding weapons and looting. However, they compensate for this by outnumbering human players and possessing superior raw power.

Pubg Mobile Apk classic mod

You’ll have to persevere in the face of these undead demons and fight your way to triumph, either by yourself or with a small group. We assure you that this is not at all a simple task. To successfully protect oneself from these beasts, you’ll need to have some real talent.

Additionally, zombies can be revived by their allies. So, if you’re a human player, be careful to kill them all before they get a chance to heal. Otherwise, be sure to enjoy yourself!


Being in control of PUBG Mobile is simple to do. Surprisingly simple controls and user interface are used in the game. So, without hesitation or uncertainty, everyone can start playing Battle Royale right now.

You will see every activity on the screen. Moving, shooting, and crouching are some of the different actions. In addition, all menus and features may be accessed by only tapping your screen and are clearly identifiable from one another.


The graphics of PUBG Mobile are excellent for a mobile game. Even while they don’t quite match the quality of a console game, they are nonetheless excellent. With gorgeous sights and animations, you’ll enjoy playing through the many modes and challenges.

These visuals may reduce frame rate, depending on your personal device and internet connection. In that situation, you can also alter the screen’s quality and definition. To get to LD or LQ, go from HD or HQ, accordingly. Ultimately, you have control over the overall visual and processing quality of your game. Therefore, PUBG is an excellent illustration of a game that allows its players control over their own gaming experience.

Pubg mobile

Overall, Player Unknown’s pubg mobile is unquestionably a game to be proudly displayed and emulated. Regardless of age, demography, preferences, etc., everyone can appreciate the work that went into creating the pictures that are seen here.

In terms of quality vs. usability, we rate the visuals 4.5 out of 5. Download PUBG Mobile for Android and check it out for yourself rather than taking our word for it.


Name Pubg mobile
update Oct 2, 2022
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Lst version 2.2.1
Size 74.99 Mb
mod No mod
catagory Action
Devolper Tencent Games
prize Free
Google Play link Freeapkworld


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