WhatsApp Introducing New Camera Mode 2022

Whatsapp claimed on Wednesday that the instant messaging service WhatsApp has been updating its features recently and will soon roll out a “new camera mode” update.

WhatsApp Introducing New Camera Mode

The latest update WhatsApp will be released through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing WhatsApp’s version to Some beta test participants will get access to it.

WhatsApp Introducing New Camera Mode messaging service “would have overhauled the in-app camera by providing new iconography and a photo/video option,” according to the WhatsApp news tracker.

WhatsApp introducing a new camera mode?

In this illustration from January 21, 2021, a motherboard for a computer is adorned with a 3D-printed WhatsApp logo and keyboard buttons.

This screenshot demonstrates how the WhatsApp camera has been improved to enable quick transitions between photo and video modes.

Previously, in order to capture a video on WhatsApp, users had to press and hold. Users may, however, easily move between the two choices as opposed to touching and holding to shoot a video.

WhatsApp update More beta testers have access to this new camera option, and more users will have access to it soon.

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